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Reduce Anxiety

This is one of the best times in the history of humanity. It is the age of great opportunity. We are so blessed to be aliveWe have practically everything we need at our finger tips. Excited positive

things are happening in this universe we call home. At the same time it is shocking that depression suicide and illness are on the rise. The day to day stress is the worst at wearing us down. What can you do about worry, fear & stress! I will empower you to respond rather than react to the stresses in your life by using your powerful brain and heart centered principles.

Breakthrough Call

My purpose is to teach and empower all who want to master their life and have total freedom. From Brain and Heart, Body, Mind and Spirit. You will learn strategies to release all the negatives and harmonize all parts of you! These same strategies, when I work with my school students, change behaviour, improve their learning abilities and help them to respond rather than react… Let’s connect on the phone or zoom so I can help you recognize & break through those blocks or obstacles.

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Majestic Mastery Manifesto

It’ s time to make a declaration, to speak your Manifesto into the air.  This is the most decisive and important step for you to take to master your life. It will be a clear statement of your core values, what you stand for, and how you intend to live your life.
As you speak it aloud at least once a day it prepares you with clarity to move boldly toward that vision for yourself by influencing your subconcious mind, stirring you into courageous action as your dreams become reality…
As you intentionally use your mind to think, in other words you choose what you will think, your brain processes the thoughts as facts. Science calls this transmutation. The Bible calls it Believing in your heart and receiving in your life. If you can believe it and see it you can achieve it!
Do you have your manifesto written? Here, take mine and make it your own.


I’m Lori Sue, born and raised in the great northwest where I still live today. I have 3 creative, handsome grown sons. My roommates are Smudge my 3-legged cat and Rufio (pictured below) the Lab of my life.

I’m committed to contributing to the positive progress of humanity through self-awareness, self-education and self-mastery.

My passion is to help you eliminate anxiety and stress allowing you to increase freedom to live a full life of joy and happiness. Starting with the brain and heart, working through freedom of movement to financial freedom and beyond….

I’ve been working with children, adults and families my whole career and have trained with some of the best trauma and intervention teams from around the globe.

My students learn to clear out the negative, become fully present, and move forward as they become their best selves!

It has become my mission to raise awareness about trauma and how it affects your world.

I share easy to learn techniques & strategies based on science, that are quick, effective and life changing.

Is There a Way to Stop This Worry and Anxiety?

Yes! When we get to the source, training your brain & heart you will find peace and joy to replace any negative.

Will the Nightmares End?

Yes! As we work together training your brain and heart we can get to the source. You’ll uncover or realize the truth. Acknowledging the truth accesses its power. With that connection you can move forward with power and confidence.

Within each of us is a seed of greatness. We have a purpose that is uniquely our own. The stories about us that people tell us as we grow up are not our own yet we accept them as our own causing us to live through the struggles and pains.

Will This Be any Different From Therapy or Counselling?

Yes! Intervention requires no disclosure, in other words you do not need to talk about your past experiences. You don’t  have to remember or dig up any past traumas…intervention requires no diagnosis, and no medication.

Can I Move Into a Life Without Feeling Stuck?

Yes! You can learn and practice these strategies to empower you to break through all that is holding you back from being your very best self!

What is the next step?

Connect with me so we can get started!

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As part of my commitment to making a difference in as many lives as possible, I am stepping out in every way possible.

Majestic Mastery YOU and Majestic Youniversity are devoted to teaching innovative techniques to remove or significantly reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and the range of traumas that get in the way of living a full life.

You’re worth it!

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“All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward enabling man’s life, lifting it from sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom”

-Albert Einstein